RaVe Roof System™  is an acronym for a RAdiant VEntilated roofing system.

The system basically creates a “Cool Roof” effect with most any color roof – although lighter colored roofs will perform best.

As a roofer – you know how to keep the rain out.  When you become a RaVe Roof System™ installer – you will be able to offer a new service: Keeping attics cooler and saving your customer’s money on Energy.

Our business is selling “know how” (consultation) and product specifications for installing this energy conserving system for both new and existing roof structures.  The system involves the preparation of the roof deck with reflective radiant barriers, a batten system for creating an air space and related specs on ventilation products — but does not include the roofing material itself.  Any roofing product can go over the RaVe Roof System™.



  1. Sign up. – Provide your business name, contact information as you wish customers to see,  and upload a photo of your contractor’s license1. 
  2. Agree.  – To the terms of Certification – we are a consultant for you but cannot accept liability for the installation.  You further agree to a marketing fee of just $20 for every sales lead we send your way via our website.
  3. Payment. –  For the one-time $1,499 lifetime cost to become a RaVe Roof System™ certified installer with access to our database of research and growing detail library.   Use PayPal or our secure Debit/Credit card system.

Separate yourself from the competition:
Now you can become an Energy Expert when it comes to roofing!

As a certified installer – you will receive complete specifications, details and installation instructions for installing the RaVe Roof System™.  You will gain access to our expert help line to answer any of your questions.  You will be listed on our website as a Certified installer in your chosen service area.  Start advertising and include the RaVe Roof System™ as an offering to customers — and separate yourself from the competition!  Send customer prospects to our site to learn more and let us sell them on the benefits. 

Customers will know you as a higher quality, state of the art roofing professional who understands how to provide them excellent value –with a complete, sophisticated, energy efficient RaVe Roof System™.

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