What is a RaVe Roof System?

It stands for Radiant, Ventilated Roof.  

The term was “invented” and systems have been installed since 2009 by EcoLogic Builders, Inc. in Sacramento, CA .  

Now we want to share the RaVe Roof System™ with roofers and homeowners everywhere!  

The RaVe Roof System™ is a carefully detailed and installed state of the art “Cool Roof” system that can be applied to an existing home or can be installed as new construction. 

It is based on research done by the Department of Energy for “Next Generation Roof/Attic Systems” and is part of what is called a “High Performance Roof or High Performance Attic” system.  

A RaVe Roof System™ combines the known benefits of a radiant barrier and ASV or “Above Sheathing Ventilation” for rejecting heat and for natural convection venting.   

A RaVe Roof System™ can save you substantial energy costs for Air Conditioning.

When you install the RaVe Roof System™ – you’ll have the coolest roof in town!

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